We are a creative design & invention company based in London, formed in 2013 by Yuri Suzuki and Mark McKeague. Our backgrounds are in product design, interaction design, music and technology.

We work closely with companies to create machines, products and experiences. The core of our expertise lies in combining sound, design and technology, but we also tap into our strong network of multidisciplinary collaborators depending on the needs of the project.

We are always interested in meeting new people and talking about collaborations.

Email us at contact@dentakulondon.com

Studio Address:
Studio 11
230 Dalston Lane
London E8 1LA
United Kingdom

The Oreo Wheel separates the cookie from the creme on a ferris wheel surrounded by sharp blades.

Launched in February 2013 as part Oreo's 'Cookie vs Creme' campaign


Dentaku: Concept and Design

Makoto Sera: Production / Mechanical Design